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WINGS – set of 2 serving boards in burned ash wood

A set of two solid wood serving boards, perfect for special occasions or as a decoration. When hung together, they make you think of butterfly wings, with wood grain resembling the delicate texture of one of nature’s perfect creations. Each WING is made of one piece of wood and coated with the highest quality food safe oil. Finished lovingly by hand.

Designed by Aleksandra Żeromska


52 x 19 cm + 52 x 29 cm


An intriguing, sophisticated duet of kitchen boards in a deep black hue. Made of ash wood and charred black following Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese technique of preserving wood and bring out its unique structure at the same time.

care instruction:

WINGS are not suitable for the dishwasher, so we recommend careful hand washing only. Do not expose to long-term contact with water. Wipe and dry after each use.

please read:

Please note that TU LAS works with natural wood only, so each of our pieces is unique and one of a kind. Lively, irregular wood grain with the occasional crack and playful knots is what we love and look for. If you prefer your wood to be regular and calm, please write to us, we will check what we have available.


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