It’s time to take care of the things we love!
We do love wood and we want to benefit from its beauty with respect and consideration. Repairing and renovating is a vital part of it. This is why we have prepared the CARE KIT that will help you refresh and nourish your TU LAS pieces.
Please feel free to contact us ( if you need any further information on how to care for your TU LAS products (or any other wooden beauties).

CARE KIT for shelves and wine racks

A 60 ml jar of Kreidezeit Safflower Oil, a cotton cloth, a piece of sandpaper

CARE KIT for table tops and plates

RMC Surface Care, a ready-to-use cleaning product for weekly or monthly care of surfaces treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus. Also suitable for easy cleaning of localized stains. 750 ml.

RMC Refresh Eco, a ready-to-use sprayable product to refresh and restore all wooden surfaces treated with RMC oil. 500 ml.

We ship worldwide to most countries.
Here you can see delivery times and fees

Zone 1:     Poland
1-2 days, 5 EUR
Zone 2: Germany, Czech Republic
2-5 days, 10 EUR
Zone 3: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal
2-5 days, 20 EUR
Zone 4: Great Britain, Sweden
2-5 days, 25 EUR
Zone 5: Norway, Switzerland
5-7 days, 35 EUR
Zone 6: USA
4 days, 60 EUR

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find your country on the list or your order is larger than 3 shelves or 12 plates, we will arrange shipping and calculate the costs individually.

We offer 14 days returns policy.