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About TU LAS

We call ourselves TU LAS, which means FOREST HERE. In our workshop, we create products that celebrate the natural beauty of wood. What we look for in timber are its natural quirks: playful knots, wavy wood grain, and unique organic structures. This is what makes each of our pieces unforgettable. And since we are all about good food and great wine, we design wine racks and shelves, plate collections and serving trays, kitchenware and more, all to help celebrate everyday moments and special occasions amidst life’s hustle and bustle.

In our work, we are guided by two principles: high quality and respect for nature. This is why we work with solid, locally sourced Polish wood. Solid wood gives our products both durability and unique character, and no two TU LAS pieces are ever alike. We offer several kinds of wood, ranging from the cool, almost white sycamore, through classic oak and powerful walnut, to stylishly burned black ash and juicy, lively orchard wood. Wood is our focus and the apple of our eye, but we also work with natural stone, once again looking for high quality, endurance, and uniqueness.

Our minimalist floating shelves and tableware will work perfectly in your home and commercial space, whether you’d like to host spontaneous parties at your place or store bottles and glasses in stylish commercial interiors such as restaurants, wine bars, and hotels.

Apart from our regular collection available through our website, we are also open to individual projects for specific business purposes or to match more complex interior design projects. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas – just drop us a line at


Wood is everything a heart yearns for: beautiful, noble and durable. Our goal is to benefit from its subtle strength and treat it with respect and consideration. We work with Polish wood only, taking great care to select sustainably grown, seemingly imperfect wood pieces with knots, cracks and twisted grain: unwanted by the mass industry, they are highly desirable for us. In the TU LAS workshop, this kind of wood gets its second life. And this life will be long: with proper care, each of our products will bring joy for generations to come.

We work with many kinds of amazing wood: oak, ash, walnut, sycamore and orchard wood: pear, cherry, wild cherry, and plum. Wood offers such a diverse variety of natural hues and textures that all it needs is a loving eye and neutral finish. In some of our pieces, it is paired with natural stone of high quality, endurance and unique beauty.


All TU LAS products combine love for wood and minimalism. This is why we work with solid wood only, and each object represents a single, unglued block of timber. In order to enhance the most beautiful features of wood, the shelves are finished off with ecological, colourless beeswax. The wood is delicately satiny and pleasantly smooth to the touch, with no gloss. For our plates and serving boards, we use food-safe oils of the highest quality to preserve our wood for long-term use.
Each of our products comes with mounting materials, assembly instructions and product care guides. We also offer special wood care kits in our store.


TU LAS wine shelves and racks are a unique element of private and commercial interiors. Thanks to their simple yet impressive form, they are a perfect background for any wine collection, either in private wine cellars, dining or kitchen spaces or in stylish commercial interiors: restaurants, wine bars and hotels. Our servingware pieces are perfect for private brunch purposes and for arranging table sets in the most elegant of restaurants, helping their chefs to create a complete dining experience.
Individual sizing and custom projects are also available. Please contact us at