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MODEL C wine rack, one block burned ash (black) wood

Impressive yet simple in form, this wine shelf is worthy of your best vintages. Cross sections of wood ensure fantastic visual impressions and uncover the history of each piece, yielding the most beautiful panorama of timber. Each MODEL C shelf can hold three bottles of wine. Finished with a natural beeswax based coating to bring out the unique wood grain.


base: 40 cm
height: 37 cm
width: 12 cm
The actual dimensions may vary.


One piece of wavy ash, burnt following the Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese technique of finishing and preserving wood, brushed to reveal its unique structure, and finally coated with high quality plant-based oil to yield a deep matte colour. Sculptural and unique.

care instruction:

To remove dust, use a slightly damp cloth. Unvarnished wood should be nourished to preserve its beauty. We encourage you to wax the surface of the shelf once a year or once every two years. Please feel free to contact us ( if you need any further information on how to care for your TU LAS products.

please read:

Please note that TU LAS works with natural wood only, so each of our pieces is unique and one of a kind. Lively, irregular wood grain with the occasional crack and playful knots is what we love and look for. If you prefer your wood to be regular and calm, please write to us, we will check what we have available.

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